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For urgent medical supplies please call 1800 549 745.
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Vagiwell® Size 6 Dilator (Post-Vaginoplasty)
Kessel Medintim

Vagiwell® Size 6 Dilator (Post-Vaginoplasty)

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Current delivery expectation for Vagiwell Dilators is 2 weeks.

Vagiwell® Size 6 Dilator is for those who have undertaken gender confirmation surgery (MTF) 

The base of the Vagiwell® Size 6 Dilator comes with die-cut holes specifically designed for attaching the dilator to underwear or harness. 

All Vagiwell® vaginal dilators are made from high grade medical silicone. 

Why are Vaginal Dilators Important after Gender Confirmation Surgery?

Post gender confirmation surgery, the body is likely to register the vagina as a wound, and therefore try to heal it. This would result in some shrinkage at the very least – if not total closure and/or development of scar tissue. For this reason, transgender dilation therapy is crucial; it can prevent all of these possibilities from happening.

To maintain the depth and width of the new vagina a dilator is recommended. 

Guidelines for using a Vaginal Dilator after Vaginoplasty:

  • Clean ydilator with warm soapy water, then rinse and dry it (the same goes after each use!)
  • Use a water-based lubricant to coat the dilator before insertion
  • Gently insert dilator at a 45 degree angle; when it is under the pubic bone, continue insertion in a straight direction
  • Once inserted fully and are experiencing some resistance, leave the dilator in place for ten minutes
  • Dilate three times each day for a period of three months, as soon as the gauze has been removed
  • At between three and six months, use the dilator once per day for ten minutes
  • After six months, use it two or three times per week for ten minutes
  • After nine months, use it once or twice per week.

The Vagiwell® Size 6 Dilator set contains:

  • Size 6 Vagiwell -  White, Diameter=36.5/40mm, Length 150mm
  • Sylk Lubricant 50ml (Water-soluble)
  • Nylon Pouch