For urgent medical supplies please call 1800 549 745.
For urgent medical supplies please call 1800 549 745.
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Prefert Vaginal Gel - Instructions for Use

Prefert Vaginal Gel is a Lubricant when trying to conceive

Note: Please read instructions before use!

Mode of action: Prefert promotes sperm activity at the time of ovulation:

  • Provides an optimal environment for sperm
  • Ideal pH for natural conception

  • Improves mobility of sperm in comparison to classical lubricants

  • Reduces the osmotic barrier for sperm

  • Improves osmolarity

When to use: For temporary use on the 3 most fertile days of the female cycle (time of ovulation).

Use only once within 24 hours.

Directions: Introduce 5 minutes before sexual intercourse.

1. Prior to intercourse, take out a 
disposable syringe of Prefert ®Vaginal Gel and the reusable applicator.

2. Take the gray cap o the syringe.

3. Attach the applicator to the syringe. Insert the vaginal applicator into the vagina.

4. Apply pressure to the plunger of 
the syringe to push the Prefert ®Vaginal Gel into the vagina. Remove the syringe with the applicator.

5. Rinse out the applicator and store it for the next application. 6. Now intercourse can begin. The contents of the package are for 4 applications.

Discard the empty syringe in household waste after use.

Clean and rinse the vaginal applicator with warm water. Can be reused.