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An Overactive Bladder… 

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An Overactive Bladder sometimes resulting in (urgency) incontinence is a common affliction amongst us. Almost 1 out of 6  of us are affected by Overactive Bladder at some stage in our lives.  

What is an Overactive Bladder? 

An Overactive Bladder is a bladder that contracts without conscious control of our urinary organs creating the sense to urinate and frequently or termed Urinary Urgency.  A telling sign is when you wake up frequently at night to venture toward the bathroom.  It is generally the interrupted sleep that becomes the compelling factor to see a medical practitioner.

What causes Overactive Bladder?

A normal bladder stores urine at low pressure until it is full. When normal urination begins, urethral pressure decreases, and a ‘detrusor’ contraction empties the bladder. Symptoms of Overactive Bladder are usually associated with detrusor muscle overactivity which is generally a neurological dysfunction. 

How can you treat an Overactive Bladder? 

For the condition described above and where it is sustained over a period of time,  it is now common practice to treat the symptoms of an Overactive Bladder with medication, a class of drugs referred to as anticholinergics. 

Botox is a proven temporary therapy for Overactive Bladder.

Nerve Stimulation is becoming an accepted treatment option as a form of retraining of the bladder.   The procedure can be administered by the stimulation of a previously implanted device in the lower back or performing peripheral stimulation of the tibial nerve in the lower leg.

If symptoms don’t improve with medication, nerve stimulation, or other therapies, then your doctor may suggest surgery to increase your bladder’s capacity. 


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