For urgent medical supplies please call 1800 549 745.
For urgent medical supplies please call 1800 549 745.
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Breaking The Taboos… The Profile Shop

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Erectile Dysfunction, Urinary Incontinence, Pelvic Organ Prolapse or Sexually Transmitted Infections… Uncomfortable?

These are generally uncomfortable conversation topics when everything is working well. But when something is wrong how can one be expected to discuss it at all. Not being able to discuss these issues with ease can often delay simple therapies, in turn making what is a relatively simple problem become a more complex medical problem.

Yes, online we could discreetly access information and the “what to dos” if we are affected, right?. Today, more than ever before, we can easily find resources to help deal with pelvic floor matters and if we're really honest with ourselves, most of us like to hide behind an “e-wall” with all our devices- to keep it private…

There are problems here though, problems that we should be cautious of. First, quality of information and it’s source, we must be able to trust the accuracy of the information and to be able to distinguish between fact and opinion. And second, medical conditions can be very complex and are specific to an individual, generalisations don’t work for everyone. Unfortunately, it is the trust of misinformation and assumptions that cause fear and increase the taboos, particularly around pelvic floor matters.

The catch phrases that is used by the team at The Profile Shop is “Raising awareness for difficult conversations”. The Profile Shop launched in 2016 as an e-commerce concept to provide reliable products and today The Profile Shop has become a valued resource for patients, doctors and support organisations across Australia and New Zealand.

The Profile Shop offers pelvic health supplies to treat erectile dysfunction, manage urinary incontinence and device that aid in pelvic rehabilitation. The parent company Profile Medical Devices distributes devices that assist in pelvic floor surgery working directly with urologist, gynaecologists, colorectal surgeons, sexual health physicians and physiotherapists — all health care professionals that specialise in the pelvic floor for all genders.

The Profile Shop is focused on patient centric solutions and dedicated to offering quality education and resources, as well as affordable products treating problems with associated with the pelvic floor and hygiene matters.

The Profile Shop claims an efficient and discreet service, all these factors push beyond the quintessential service models offered online today, what is truly a unique offering…

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