Uromed Suprasoft Double Balloon Catheter

Uromed Suprasoft Double Balloon Catheter

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The Suprasoft Catheter Is a suprapubic double balloon catheter that offers continuous drainage and a large soft surface that can prevent irritation of the bladder wall. 

Features of the double balloon Suprasoft Catheter:

  • Pure Soft Silicone
  • Open Tip
  • 1 large central drainage eyelet
  • Length 36cm
  • Wide Central Lumen for maximum drainage
  • Contrast line that is easily identifiable by X-ray
  • Available in sizes 14CH and 18CH

The distal balloon on Suprasoft Catheter is located on the tip of the catheter offering a well padded and large surface once inflated and therefore does not protrude into the adjacent bladder wall. 

A large central drainage eyelet is placed between the two balloons of the Suprasoft Catheter, minimising the risk of obstruction. 

The Suprasoft Catheter is the only double balloon catheter that is TGA Approved in Australia

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