Uromed Catheter Valve

Uromed Catheter Valve

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Uromed Catheter Valve is  an easy to use valve for emptying the bladder.

Features of the Uromed Catheter Valve:

  • Conveniently adaptable to catheter/catheter bag
  • The Uromed Catheter Valve has a conically graduated connector that  ensures simple and safe connection between catheter valve and catheter
  • Smooth lever mechanism and blue in colour. This makes the device highly suitable for patients with reduced dexterity and easily identifiable, even for those who have a visual impairment
  • Clearly Labelled "Open" and "Close"
  • Large lumen allows fast emptying of the bladder and reduces the risk of an occlusion of the catheter valve
  • DEHP- and latex-free
The Uromed Catheter Valve is a small and very lightweight design, you can hardly notice this valve is attached to the catheter. 

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