Prosecca® Band
Prosecca® Band
Kessel Medintim

Prosecca® Band

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Prosecca® band a cuff to prevent leaking of urine by exerting pressure on the urethra, the Prosecca® band stops urine leaks.

• smooth, supple material
• practical and reusable
• Velcro® fastener for easy adjustment of
the band to the desired pressure on the
• light and narrow in size
• comfortable to wear whilst running, sitting, walking or doing sports

• smooth surface, easy to clean
• with practical storage box

Open the Prosecca® band until it is wide enough for you to slip over your penis. The pressure cushion should sit in the middle of the penis on the underside. Sitting in the right position, pull the ends of the Velcro® strap with both hands. As tight as possible, but not too tight that it is painful. Then close the Velcro® fastener. Look to see if the leaking has stopped. If you see any dark red or bluish discolouration, the Prosecca® band is exerting too much pressure and needs to be loosened a little.

The Prosecca® band should be cleaned with warm water and soap before you use it for the first time and after every time you wear it. Dry it before you put it back in the box provided. The Prosecca® band is reusable.
If used properly and cared for correctly, it will last a long time and can be used many times. The Prosecca® band is for personal use only. It may not be passed on to others.

The Prosecca® band should not be used in the event of acute urinary tract infections or severe incontinence.

Velcro® straps:
Velour tape: 100% polyamide Mushroom-head tape: 70% polyester, 30% polypropylene
blue tourniquet: 100 % thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)

The product should not be used in the event of known intolerance to the material mentioned.

Length: approx. 270 mm, width: 25 mm

Made in Germany.

one Prosecca® band

one storage box

instructions for use

Hygiene product


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