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For urgent medical supplies please call 1800 549 745.
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موسعات Vagiwell® (Premium)
موسعات Vagiwell® (Premium)
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موسعات Vagiwell® (Premium)

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Current delivery expectation for Vagiwell Dilators is  4-6 weeks.

The Premium Vagiwell® Dilators set are vaginal dilators are made from high-grade silicone suitable and safe for use at home.

The goal of vaginal dilator exercises is to stretch (expand) the vagina for the following reasons:

  • After having given birth, scarring following surgical incisions to the perineum or perineal tears
  • Long-term radiotherapy or chemotherapy cancer treatment
  • After vaginal surgery involving tightening of the vagina and scarring
  • Other personal reasons why the vagina feels too tight
  • Vaginismus (tightening of the vaginal muscles)
  • After menopause
  • Narrowness of the vagina or hitherto unstretched vaginal walls
  • Lichen sclerosus 
  • Following gender confirmation surgery, MTF (formally called gender reassignment surgery) and keeping the artificially constructed vagina “open”
  • Pain during gynaecological examinations involving the use of a speculum
  • Pain inserting tampons
  • Pain during intercourse

The Premium Vagiwell® Dilator set contains:

  • Size 1 Vagiwell -  Light Blue, Diameter=12/14mm, Length 122mm
  • Size 2 Vagiwell -  Mint, Diameter=16/18mm, Length 135mm
  • Size 3 Vagiwell -  Purple, Diameter=20/22mm, Length 150mm
  • Size 4 Vagiwell -  Pink, Diameter=24/26mm, Length 163mm
  • Size 5 Vagiwell -  Beige, Diameter=28/30mm, Length 177mm
  • Sylk Lubricant 50ml (Water-soluble)
  • Nylon Pouch
For more information on Vagiwell® vaginal dilators download the Vagiwell® Data Sheet

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