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For urgent medical supplies please call 1800 549 745.
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بيلفي التين كأس الطمث

بيلفي التين كأس الطمث

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Pelvi Teen Menstrual Cup is a great choice for women new to menstrual cups, beginners and those who prefer a mini tampon. The Pelvi Teen Menstrual Cup is much smaller than the regular Pelvi Menstrual Cups, and one of the only menstrual cups that can be rolled nearly as thin as a tampon. Made from Medical Grade TPE which is fully recyclable and easier to fold.

Pelvi Teen Menstrual Cup is a worn internally like a tampon, once it is unfolded in place, it forms a seal that prevents blood from leaking out. When full, it is simply removed, emptied, washed and reinserted. When inserted correctly it naturally stays in place and can be worn for 8 consecutive hours.

Benefits of the Pelvi Teen Menstrual Cup include:

  • Collects 3 times more fluid than tampons;
  • No dryness. no irritation
  • Can be worn for 8 consecutive hours or overnight;
  • Reuse one cup (up to 6 years);
  • Made from hypo-allergenic medical-grade TPE;
  • Environmentally friendly by reducing sanitary waste;

How the Pelvi Teen Menstrual Cup works?

Fold the Pelvi Teen Menstrual Cup into a cylinder shape, then gently insert into your vagina. Once inserted the cup forms a seal between the outside of the cup and the walls of your vagina. This allows for a secure and comfortable fit, naturally staying in place.

Pelvi Teen Menstrual Cup has a 38mm diameter and length of 60mm.


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