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Using a Penis Pump for Erectile Dysfunction - Australia


Instructions for Use

When the penis is stiff, this is called an erection. If a man has problems getting an erection, we speak of erectile dysfunction. The ACTIVE Erection SystemNT ® is a device that helps you to get your penis stiff. Therefore in this booklet the ACTIVE Erection SystemNT ® is also referred to as an erec- tion aid.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?
A variety of causes can lead to erectile dysfunction. The most common ones include diabetes, thyroid disease, liver or kidney disease, Treatment of hyper- tension, cardiovascular diseases. Prostate surgery often also leads to erectile dysfunction.
Depression or exhaustion can also lead to erectile dysfunction.
Sometimes erectile dysfunction is a side effect of medication, e.g. drugs against high blood pressure. Smoking or drinking too much alcohol is another possible cause.

The ACTIVE Erection SystemNT ®comprises the following parts:
– 1 pump head 1
– 1 transparent cylinder

– 4 constriction rings in differing sizes 6– 1 tube of lubricant 7

– 3 size AAA batteries
– 1 set of instructions for use with DVD – 1 bag

Please note the shelf life of the included constriction rings and the lubricant.

How to prepare the application?

All product­related illustrations can be found on the cover flap of this booklet

– Place all parts at hand (Fig. 1 )
– Open the pump head as shown in Figure
2 . – Fold up the flap with the nameplate.
– Insert the 3 batteries, paying attention to the

marking, as shown in Figure 3 . Carefully fold down the flap again, making sure that the nipple on the inside of the flap does not break off.

– Turn the cap back onto the pump head. (Fig. 4 ) – Press the pump head onto the larger opening of

the cylinder, as shown in Figure 5 .
– Plug the large ring loader onto the other side of

the cylinder. (Fig. 6 ).
– Insert the small ring loader into the large ring

– Insert the cone into the small ring loader.

– Apply sufficient lubricant onto the entire cone.

– First, place the largest constriction ring (20 mm)

on the top of the cone. Slide the constriction ring over the cone onto the small ring loader. Now take off the cone. (Fig. 9 )

– 1 large grey ring loader – 1 small grey ring loader – 1 grey cone 

– Now the erection aid is ready for use.page8image13888page8image14048page8image14208

How to use the erection aid?

The erection aid is exclusively for your personal use. It may not be passed on to third parties, nor be used by them.

  • –  Remove the pubic hair directly on the penis and around the root of the penis.

  • –  The device must fit the skin tightly.

  • –  Apply some lubricant to the edge of the ring


  • –  Introduce the penis through the ring loader into

    the cylinder. 

  • –  Press the device tightly to your body.

  • –  Press the (+) “on” button on the pump head for a

    few seconds.

  • –  The motor in the pump head starts and begins to

    suck air from the cylinder.

  • –  When you press the (+) “on” button again, the

    pumping will become stronger.

  • –  The device has 4 levels of suction intensity.

  • –  When you press the (–) “off” button on the pump

    head, the pumping will become weaker. 

  • –  When you keep the (–) “off” button pressed for

    a few seconds, the erection aid will switch off. 

    Do you see a good erection in the cylinder?

    • –  Then switch off the erection aid and slide the constriction ring from the ring loader onto the erect penis.

    • –  Slide the constriction ring quickly and as far as possible down to the base of the penis.

    • –  The “air” button on the pump head is marked with a dot. 

    • –  When you press the “air” button, the cylinder is bled (i.e. air is let in, reducing the vacuum).

    • –  Make a deep, long press on the “air” button.

    • –  Thus air enters the cylinder, and you can easily

      detach the erection aid from the body.

    • –  The constriction ring on the penis causes the

      penis to remain rigid. 

    • –  Now you can have sex.


Important: Never wear the constriction ring on the penis for more than 30 minutes. Do not fall asleep with the constriction ring on the penis! Use the device only in your domestic envi­ ronment, and not under the shower or in the bathtub.

After sex:

– Briefly pull the constriction ring apart on the flaps.

– Wait until the blood has flown back from the penis into the body.

– Then pull the constriction ring off the penis. When you use the erection aid, you will have no visible ejaculation upon orgasm (climax). 

– The constriction ring retains the semen (ejaculate) in the penis.

– Once you remove the constriction ring, the semen will flow out of the penis.

– The temporary retention of the semen in the penis is not harmful.

– After using the erection aid, clean it as described in Section “How to clean the erection aid?”

– Dry the parts.
– Put all parts back into the bag and keep the

erection aid out of the reach of children.

How does the erection aid work?

The pump head sucks the air around the penis out of the cylinder. This creates a negative pressure (vacuum). This causes the blood vessels in the penis to fill with blood, and the penis stiffens. As the cylinder is transparent, you can see whether the erection is hard enough. In most cases, pumping for 1 to 2 minutes will be sufficient to produce an erection. With full batteries, the erection aid can thus be used approximately 15 to 20 times.

Application notes

Application of this erection aid is easy. Nevertheless, it is better to try the erection aid initially alone and unhurried. Then you can show the erection aid to your partner. Once you both know how to use the erection aid correctly, you can enjoy sex again. Even at an advanced age, in illness or physical limitation.

How to select the proper constriction ring?
To keep your erection as long as possible, you need to choose the proper constriction ring. If the con- striction ring is too large, your penis will not remain stiff for long. If the constriction ring is too tight, it may cause pain. In case of pain, take off the con- striction ring and try a larger constriction ring. If you use the erection aid for the first time, it is best to start with the largest constriction ring. If the constriction ring is too large, try a smaller one, until you find the right size for yourself.

The erection aid includes 2 ring loaders.
The smaller one is slightly narrower, the larger a bit wider. If the smaller ring loader is too narrow, just use the larger one. The two ring loaders are suit- able
for all constriction rings. Thus, it does not matter which constriction ring size you are using. If both ring loaders are too narrow, you can slip the constriction ring directly onto the cylinder. The erection aid also includes the cone. It helps you to slip the constriction ring more easily onto the ring loaders. Alternatively, you can slip the constriction ring manually onto the ring loaders without using the cone. Use only the supplied constriction rings. From time to time, the constriction rings need to be replaced. They can be ordered from service@

How can I tell if the batteries are empty?
When the motor of the erection aid is switched
on, 2 LEDs are lit. If the LEDs are flickering, the batteries are low and need to be replaced. Use only 1.5-volt batteries of size AAA Alkaline. Do not use rechargeable batteries. Always use 3 identical and 
new batteries. Remove the batteries if you are not going to use the device for a longer time.

Proper battery replacement is described on page 7 under “How to prepare the application?”.

Do not change the batteries during application of the device on the body.

Never use this erection aid if you have drunk alcohol or have taken recreational drugs.
Do not continue using the erection aid if it does not work properly.
Do not use the erection aid either if it is visibly damaged. In both cases, please send the erection aid directly to the manufacturer,
KESSEL medintim GmbH.

During the warranty period, repairs are free. If the device is not working or damaged because you have operated it incorrectly, you will always have to pay for the repairs.

If you do not live in Germany, please contact the dealer from whom you bought the erection aid. Use only lubricants that can easily be washed off with water.


What side effects can the erection aid have?
Do you suffer from cardiovascular disease?Then talk to your doctor or health care professional before using the erection aid for the first time.

The following side effects are possible:
You can get a bruise (haematoma) at the base or at the top of the penis. Sometimes there may even be slight tissue injury, when the penis was not erect for a long time. However, that is not dangerous. All parts have been tested. However, contact allergies cannot be excluded.

When may the erection aid not be used?

The pump head is sealed inside and may be opened only by the manufacturer or an authorised service partner. You should send in the erection aid, if possible, every 3 years for technical inspection.

What material are the parts made of?

– Cone: Plastic (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, ABS) – Small and large ring loader: Plastic (acrylonitrile

butadiene styrene, ABS)
– Cylinder: Plastic (polycarbonate)
– Constriction rings: Biocompatible Thermoplastic

Elastomer (TPE))
– Bag: Nylon®
– Batteries: 3× Alkaline AAA, 1.5 volts

During application, there is no danger from electro- magnetic radiation.
You can reorder all the parts and the lubricant.

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