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For urgent medical supplies ☏ 1800 549 745.
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Post Marketing Survey for Vacuum Erection Devices - First 300 Respondents


Post marketing survey for Vacuum Erection Devices for the first 300 responses -Jan 2017 – Aug 2018

Users of the Active Erection System® and Manual Erection System® answered these questions:

  1. Which vacuum pump do you actually use?

  2. Did you use a vacuum pump before?

  3. How often do you use the vacuum pump?

  4. How satisfied are you with the operation of the vacuum pump?

  5. How satisfied are you with the result of the vacuum pump?

  6. Did you have any problems with the operation? If so, which one?

  7. Which size of the constriction ring do you normally use?

  8. Would you recommend our product?

  9. Where did you hear about the vacuum pump?

  10. Where did you purchase the vacuum pump?

  11. Are you suffering from an illness?

  12. Did you use other types of therapies before?

  13. Do you have a serious sexual relationship?

  14. How old are you?

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